My Brothers Keepers Educational Initiative
Every Child in needs a safe, sanitary education

Helping war ravaged communities in Eastern Africa.

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Committed to No More Grass Huts

We Develop Education
My Brother’s keeper Education initiative is a United States of America Charity established in 2015, that aims to create educational opportunities for some of the most war ravaged communities in Eastern Africa. Starting in northern Uganda, in a community that saw the worst of a 25 year war, the initiative aims to empower children by giving them the chance to get an education in a safe, sanitary and secure environment, most importantly it seeks to help the child develop self esteem that comes only when a child knows that he or she is truly loved.

Our Role in Education

We believe that resources deployed strategically hold the potential to stimulate community leaders into taking a greater responsibility in creating and maintaining a climate that stimulates education through self-reliance and sustenance.

We believe that parents and the entire family are an integral part of the education process, and involve them in every aspect of the process from building the schools, maintaining them and direct participation in educating the students.

We catalyze bold, comprehensive changes in the communities we work with by building schools and motivating leaders in the community who are prepared to embrace what works.

Our Work

For every Child to succeed, there must be a safe, secure and sanitary environment. My Brother’s keeper Education initiative seeks to ensure that educational structures are in place to provide a learning environment that improves student outcomes and provides a nurturing environment where each child can flourish and where each child's own unique styles of learning is valued and respected. No more grass thatched huts, the children of these communities deserve better.

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